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My name is Pearl & my husband is John, we moved to Suffolk in the late 1990's.

With us came our dogs, cats & parrots, it was through our breeding rare birds that Robin came into our lives. We found we had the same interests & love studying Genetics. This is how our friendship was formed & grew into the close & trusting friendship we have today. It was at this time that we formed the Morant Ragdolls with Robins Rag 'n' Riches traditional lines carrying the dilute gene.
Robin encouraged us to focus on the dilute Gene as he & I both realised it was defiantly there & could be perfected by specialising in the dilute. It has taken a lot of time to study & lots of hard work but it has been well worth it when you look at our beautiful pale diaphanous Lilac or Chocolate point with their light ivory bodies.

If you are lucky enough own a Definitive guide "please turn to pages 46-47" , where you will see two beautiful cats, 1 lilac, 1 Choc. at the early start of dilute both of these beauties were bred by June Rigler of Dreamcats, so a big Thank you to June for recognising these colours & her advice that we needed to specialise.

So our decision was made to work with the very small Gene Poole that we had to develop the dilute from only the traditional lines, as we do not accept the use of out crossing & never would consider it and we would never import.

We have been Registering Lilacs since 2001 and Chocolates since 2003 on the full GCCF active Register. We continue to work on the perfection of these beautiful colours.

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