Buyers Guide

On many occasions, I have had people coming to me with very sad stories about buying a cheap kitten, only to face huge vet bills and still to lose the kitten, or, having the heartbreak of putting the little one to sleep.

So, this cheap kitten becomes a very expensive little soul whom has suffered.

The breeders of these kittens are what we call back yard breeders.

How many times do we see £200 but no papers?

A reputable breeder could not possibly sell at these prices as we have to comply with the GCCF code of ethics.

No kitten should leave the breeder until at least 14 weeks old, and at this time should be fully vaccinated, wormed, front lined, with full health vet checks and insured.

Also, if the kitten is going to a pet home, he/she should be neutured or spayed before leaving the breeder.

With a 4 generation pedegree and GCCF registration. The 4 generation paper alone is not proof of pure breeding unless accompanied with a GCCF registration certificate.

We feel there is a need for breeders to make this their responsibility that all kittens going to pet homes are spayed/neutured before leaving them.

Keeping back the paperwork and registration does not bother these sort of people.

I am sure that a true pet owner would be very happy not to have to do this themselves.

I have found that they are really pleased that everything is done, and all they need to do is love and fuss this little bundle of fluff.

A small group of us breeders have got together to breed only the very best quality kittens whom will be covered in every way.



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