Lilac & Chocolate

I would like to introduce you to just some of our Lilac and Chocolate Ragdoll Cats and Kittens.

We have been breeding the Lilacs for nearly 11 years and the Chocolates just over 4 years, all of which are Registered with the GCCF.

These are traditional lines and we have


as we firmly believe the TYPE is of Paramount Importance and more important than any colour in the Ragdoll.

Our lines have originated from Blossom-Time Banana`s, Raggedy Ann, Petil-lu and Patriarca to get the Traditional Lilac and Chocolates with excellent Type and Size, back on the show bench.

Morant Mickey Blue Eyes - Blue Bi Colour carrying Chocolate.

Owned and shown to perfection by Gemma Nevin of Sassygems Ragdolls.

Blue Mitted girl carrying Lilac


Lilac Colourpoint girl


Seal Mitted boy carrying Chocolate


Blue Mitted boy carrying Chocolate, with nose blaze and tail tip. (Typical of the original lines.)

Photos of Lilac and Chocolate colourpoint males and females to follow.



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