Robin Pickering

I was fortunate to meet Pearl & John after moving to the South East of England in the late 1990's.
Our friendship was forged through a common interest of breeding parrots.

Pearl soon proved a loyal & very close friend who showed an informed interest in the Ragdolls, her enthusiasm & sound knowledge of Genetics made her an ideal choice to pass the Rags'n'riches line to.

I encouraged Pearl to focus on the very rare dilute colours & felt assured that her knowledge of Genetics would further the breed, it was at this point that Pearl founded the Morant Rgadolls.
Underpined by my Rags'n'Riches lines.

I left England for a while but we kept constantly in touch, after moving back to the UK I am pleased to see the quailty of type in Morant Ragdolls has not been sacrified in the overall aim to maintain hold & improve the dilute colours.

Each time I see her litters, I am left considering that I should return to the world of Ragdolls.
At this time it is not quite right but when I do re-establish the Rags'n'Riches Ragdolls it will be founded by Pearls lines. I can strongly recommend the Morant Ragdolls for type, quality, health & colour.




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